Lost Creek Reservoir Spring 2022 Sunrise.

03.27.2022 As everyone already knows, on my 55 years old, the life project I am developing at Ana's CameraWork is Utah's Lakes, Ponds & Reservoirs. Project that I  started just about three months ago, in this sense I have only documented a few lakes and reservoirs in the winter season 2021-2022.

To my satisfaction spring in Utah began on March 20, so I have the pleasure of sharing the first spring photos, and the selected place is Lost Creek Reservoir, located in northern Utah, in Morgan County and northeast of Croydon.

Lost Creek Reservoir was built more than 50 years ago, between 1963 and 1966, for the purpose of floodwater management that seizes the waters of Lost Creek. For years the reservoir, in addition to irrigation for the area, has served as a recreation area for hundreds of visitors, who practice water sports.

Last year, the creation of Lost Creek State Park was announced and approved, a project that is underway and located around the reservoir. The park already has bike and hiking trails, with the creation of this park, without a doubt the dam will be visited more by local people and outsiders.

When visiting the dam, I was very sad to see that the water level for this year has dropped to almost 50% of capacity. According to information I take from Wikipedia, the reservoir was built with a capacity of 248 feet (76 m) depth. While it is true, at 124 feet high you can still enjoy sailing, it is advisable that you consult the navigation rules in this reservoir before making a trip, especially since a severe summer is expected.

The waters of the reservoir are already beginning to thaw and the bushes in the mountains have already begun to be painted green. Spring is beautiful, everything blooms and paints beautiful colors of the environment. Enjoy the images of the sunrise in the calm reservoir of Lost Creek.

Ana Sosa.


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