Meet Us

 Ana is a dynamic and creative person, accustomed to work since the age of 15. In her native country, Honduras, at the age of 18, she started her first business manufacturing leather products under the name of Industrias Artesanales, later a distributor of these, Dinarhon and finally a clothing store, Factory Outfit. 

 All those years of work gave her excellent experience in customer service, and very good human relations leading her work group; they remember her with great respect and affection for her dedication in teaching them to achieve their personal goals and purposes.

Ana is a journalism intern, where she took her first steps in photography and showed unique skills, so her professor exempted her in many of her classes.

For personal reasons in 2017 she moved to Florida USA and in mid-2018 to Utah, working at Rancho Market, TJ. Max, and Fresenius Medical Care. She stood out for her work, punctuality, and excellence in interpersonal relationships.

In 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, using her journalistic skills and the web, she dedicated months to the self-study of photography. That same year, she quit her job, to devote herself fully to her new challenge and lifestyle.

Her passion for landscape photography was the reason, and as a good entrepreneur, she trusted her artistic skills and decided to invest in her photographic equipment. To increase her knowledge, she studied Introduction to digital photography and flash photography at Weber State University. She also received a food photography course and made a mini studio, where she has spent hours studying portrait photography. 

In her work, Ana constantly strives to capture and empower her clients' natural expressions. In her project Utah's Lake and Reservoirs, Ana applies the photographic technique and creates unique images that show the reality of the environment as it looks.

She works believing that her art and dedication will be a legacy for the State of Utah, which has opened the doors for her to create and grow professionally. Her Christian beliefs give her the confidence to carry out this project and honor her goals as a resident, mother, daughter, and wife.

For Ana, when you have the vision of the world around you, you can express what you do artistically and communicate what you feel. She easily falls in love with the bright colors of nature. Terra colors fascinate her in all their nuances, and always experience the infinite love of why they were created for us. 

Unafraid to develop her photographic passion and turn it into art, she first thinks she is an artist. Secondly, she always cultivates her skills, learning every day about how to improve photographic technique, and thirdly, she exhibits her photographic artworks to the public.