Pineview Reservoir, Ogden Utah.

Pineview Reservoir is in Ogden Valley, in the mountains east of Ogden, Utah.  The purpose of the dam is to control and store the flood waters of the Ogden River. The allocation of funds began in 1933 under the National Industrial Recovery Act. Built as part of the Ogden River Project, President Roosevelt authorized the project on November 16, 1935. 1

The dam provides irrigation to 25,000 acres (100 km2) located between Wasatch Range and Great Salt Lake. Its shape is similar to that of a passenger plane or a bird.  Pineview provides hydroelectric power through a  horizontal 2500 horsepower (1900 kW) Francis turbine coupled to a 1800 kW turbine. This project was completed in 1991 and diverts water from the 75-inch (1900 mm) pipeline and returns it after use.1

In addition, Pineview Reservoir is a recreational area managed by several agencies: U.S. Forest Service,  Utah Recreation Company, Weber County Sheriff,  and the Utah Department of Natural Resources.2

The most popular recreational activities in the area are camping, hiking, boating, water skiing, using personal watercraft, fishing and on winter days ice fishing. Pineview Reservoir is one of only three lakes in Utah that are home to the tiger muskie, a sterile hybrid fish.1

Overnight camping is not allowed on Pineview beaches; however, boaters can anchor overnight 20 feet offshore.  There is a daily limit on the number of boats allowed on Pineview.

There are several suppliers of rental equipment such as boats, jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes and cruises. It is easy to find rental if you need it and have a day with a lot of fun.

Due to its location and size, Pineview is the most active reservoir in the state of Utah. It is surrounded by mountains, so the wind is minimal, and the water is generally calm and crystal clear. The reservoir has nice sandy beaches and paved launch ramps. Dogs are allowed but not in all areas.

Whether it's winter or any season of the year, Pineview is a good choice for the whole family, attached images viewed with the lens of Ana's CameraWork.


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