Simple explanation of Photo Fine-Art

March 25, 2022. Faced with so much confusion regarding the meaning of Fine-Art, I decided to study the term and present it in a simple and easy to understand form.

Fine Art Definition

The term fine arts popularized in the eighteenth century and in these days are uses to refer to the main arts and good use of technique. Art that has been created for aesthetic purposes and judged by its beauty and meaning.

In the eighteenth century, six arts were included: painting, sculpture, dance, poetry, literature, and music. In our day’s photography, cinematography, comic, video games and origami have been added.

What is a fine artist?

An artist is considered an artist when their work is of great value, and they master the technique.  In this sense, the value of the work depends on the time spent making a reputation and trying to promote art.  Every art creator is themself an artist, but fine artist, is the one who masters his technique and brings something of value to them work.

What is photo fine-art?

To explain this concept, it is important do not forget what art means. Art is an elaborate activity or product, with an aesthetic purpose and above all to communicate something, through which a vision of the world is expressed from the perspective of the artist.

Artistic photography is what expresses the vision of the photographer, a vision that gives life to something that only lives in the mind of the artist. In this sense there are different photographic disciplines, such as: commercial, news, portrait, landscape photography, etc. But in all of them the photographer's vision will always be printed.

Capturing what the photographer sees is not in itself creating art. The photographers create art when they master and uses the technique to correctly express the vision. In other words, it is not the photographic style that makes the artist, it is the application of technique to the vision.


The fine photographic arts are the good use of the photographic resources that the photographer makes to express their vision.

In my opinion, any photographer who has a vision of the world around them can artistically express their vision and communicate what they feel. In my case, I easily fall in love with the bright colors of nature, terra colors fascinate me in all their nuances, and I feel that it tries to express to us the infinite love of why they were created for us.

Don't be afraid to develop your photographic passion and turn it into art, first, always think that you are an artist. Secondly, cultivate your skills by learning every day about how to improve photographic technique and thirdly exhibit your photographic artworks to the public.


Ana Sosa.

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