A Small Reservoir with a Postcard Cover.


In search of lakes and reservoirs to document, due to the proximity and importance of the project, we chose Andy Adam's Community Fisheries. A small reservoir with low oxygen levels, located in the city of Layton City, with a length of 35 acres of surface and an average central depth of 21 feet (6.4008 meters)

One of the important features is that the water level is low by nature, so in the summer months the soil sediments are severely stratified. Over the years this sediment accumulates in thicker layers, causing a low level of oxygen that does not provide a good habitat for the fish, and therefore their inevitable death. 

Andy Adam's Reservoir was built on the initiative of Kays Creek Irrigation company that was founded in 1897 by Layton residents, who were looking for ways to mitigate water shortages in summer. In 2013 it was opened to the public as Andy Adam's Community Fisheries.

 In 2019 the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources completed a study on fish life in the reservoir and concluded on the need for the installation of aerators. According to the website of Kays Creek Irrigation the reservoir has installed 2 bubblers and the installation of a third one is planned. In our visit we can record them. 

In these spring days and compared to the images of summer 2021, the water level has improved. We have not perceived stench of water, and the panoramic views are a dream. However, we have noticed that unscrupulous people do not handle garbage carefully and leave containers and plastics that over time contaminate the water and its environment.

  Summer 2021

At Andy Adam's Community Fisheries, you can enjoy a postcard sunset, a hike with birds chirping, kayaking, paddleboarding, picnic, fishing in boats without a motor. When you visit this reservoir, remember that all conservation efforts also need the collaboration and sustainable use of resources by its fishermen and visitors. 

In the evening hours, the Wasatch Mountain range, with the sun's rays is painted deep red, and reflected on the water. For lovers of artistic photography, it is a great harmony that makes magic with the chirping of birds. And a real adventure if you manage to see an exotic bird, this time a stork.

      Winter 2021-2022

This is a small collaboration of Ana's CameraWork, in these times of global warming and the declared drought of the century.



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