Product Quality and Sizes

Our photographs are printed on Giclee - Hahnemühle Photo Rag. I'm sure you'll love the quality we've selected.

Giclée printing is meant to produce a product at a higher quality and with a longer lifespan than the basic photo paper most than other companies prints on. Our partner, The Print Space UK, give us an online Giclée art printing service what is loved by illustrators, painters, and photographers alike, and make color perfect Giclée prints for you, using the very latest technology. There are 7 sustainable art papers and I selected Hahnemühle Photo Rag print paper for you.

What quality qualities does Hahnemühle Photo Rag print paper have?

Hahnemühle Photo Rag is excellent for high-quality Fine Art inkjet printing. The white cotton artist’s paper, with its characteristic, wonderfully soft feel, boasts a lightly defined felt structure, lending each artwork a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth. Combined with the matt premium inkjet coating, this paper produces outstanding prints that feature brilliant colors, deep blacks, striking contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail. This acid- and lignin-free classic meets the most exacting requirements for age resistance and is specially designed for Fine Art applications. The surface has minimal texture with a chalky smooth cotton feel which creates smooth color gradients. It has a delicate surface, so we recommend extra care when handling. Photo rag is suitable for mounting but its cotton texture means edges can fray if not carefully handled.

We offer each picture in four different sizes: S, M, L & XL. The measurements were recategorized for a more versatile handling and each corresponds to the following standard dimensions:

Small = 8” x 12” Almost equal to the screen of a standard laptop.  Ideal for decorating small spaces.

Medium = 16” x 24” With these dimensions you can decorate spaces such as living rooms, corridors, bedrooms, small offices. You can also combine a collection of two or more pieces for larger spaces such as the main room and large bedrooms.

Large = 24” x 36” In my opinion this is a versatile size for medium to larges houses with enough spaces to decorating.

Extra Large = 40” x 60” This is 78% larger than the large size, suitable for big spaces, such as offices, hotels, large houses, restaurants, clinics.

Those print sizes have been selected because fit with universal and readily available framing sizes, making it possible to purchase a frame directly from your local art store or design store.

 You will receive a print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper. Let's firmly believe that framing options must be carefully chosen, and that depends on the space, tonalities of the decoration of the environment and the style of the decorator. In this sense, we recommend that in your locality you choose a frame supplier who can advise you especially on large frames.

All our limited-edition have a document certifies that the accompanying artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print produced directly from Ana Sosa. Each certificate is unique and content the name of the images, the edition number, production date, certificate number and a hologram authentication patch that is matched by a unique number on both the print and certificate. We provide a limited license to the owner of the print for his or her own display and enjoyment. The owner of the Print may sell o gift the print to another party and the limited license and restrictions shall apply to such party.