Exploring Mantua Reservoir: A Year-Round Wonderland in Box Elder County, Utah

Nestled in northeastern Utah, Mantua Reservoir, managed by Brigham City Corporation, offers a serene escape amid majestic mountain ranges. Despite its recent highway upgrades, Mantua retains its rural charm, with historic ties to trout farming and sprawling ranches.

During my first winter visit, the frigid 22-degree Fahrenheit temperature initially seemed daunting. However, the reservoir's stunning vistas, including the iconic Little Knoll, quickly captivated me with their vibrant colors contrasting against the snow-covered landscape.

Exploring the reservoir's dirt trails revealed picturesque scenes of frozen water, dotted with ice fishermen and ducks, set against snow-dusted mountains. The small docks, adorned with rocky entrances, added to the rustic charm of the area.

For winter visitors, Mantua offers a tranquil retreat amidst warm-colored winter shrubs and clear skies. With its serene ambiance and breathtaking landscapes, Mantua Reservoir is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, offering a peaceful and safe haven for nature enthusiasts.

We've also documented Mantua Reservoir throughout the four seasons, featuring it in our Limited Collection of fine art photography.


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